Our Tech Tech lives here

Technology for Efficiency

Our tech team lives and breathes transportation to continuously improve how goods are moved.

We make experiences easier for shippers, carriers and drivers with technology focused on efficiency and reliability.

We provide real-time visibility into shipment status, streamline tasks through automation and offer digital sourcing of capacity on demand.

Navogo tech ensures that supply chains run more smoothly and with more control.

Real-time Live Tracking Feature

  • Our state-of-the-art monitoring system provides instant, live cargo tracking, providing you with assurance and complete oversight of your merchandise
  • Our cutting-edge tracking system provides immediate, real-time shipment insights, giving you confidence and full command over your products.
  • Our top-notch tracking system delivers up-to-the-minute, live shipment monitoring, ensuring you have peace of mind and total control over your deliveries

Intelligent tools for simpler logistics

  • Rate quotes based on pricing agreements, with customizable functions and reporting
  • Dynamic routing for on-time pickups and deliveries, with real-time live visibility
  • Data-driven algorithms for optimal pricing and productivity management
  • Robust customer self-service platform for end-to-end shipping management
  • Intelligent tools for higher trailer utilization and safe load-building

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